Erpe-Mere, Belgium

The Yoga of Sound and the Creative Sound Current

Workshop with The Bhakti Connection

Sunday March 9, 10am-5 pm

  • $75 for full day workshop


Immerse yourself into the depths of your creative potential during this intensive sound yoga experience.  Through the many dynamic branches of yoga, and the many traditions of chant, we come out of the head and into the heart.  Tapping into the limitless flow of creative energy (Shakti) through ; music and chant, Naad yoga meditations, Hatha yoga with live music, avant-guard Art exploration techniques, shamanic ritual and the breath.  Each stage of the workshop enlightens the hidden connections between sound, art and movement. Workshop flow begins working in the physical and moves into the subtle realms of the Self.  Saturday night holds a full length kirtan. (hosted in English)
*seating limited, please register early to ensure your spot
What to bring: yoga mat, water, cushion or floor chair, lunch, snacks, note books, art supplies (crayons, colored pencils, pastels etc), blank paper, meditation shawl, blanket, instruments, comfortable clothing for yoga.